Sunday, July 17, 2005

What is the Dhamma?

The Sages say:

"Dhamma is the Mind, Buddha is also the Mind.
There is no difference between the Buddha & the Dhamma."

"Heaven & Hell is in the Mind, and so is Nibbana."

"All things originate from the Mind."

Thus one who sees the true nature of the Mind sees the Dhamma, and also the Buddha. This is known as Enlightenment, Awakening, the Absolute Truth, Bodhi, Nibbana; whatever you call it, they are only names. The truth cannot be described with words, understood by logic or reached by thought & sophistry. It is beyond all duality and mental conceptions. It is everywhere and yet nowhere; it is everything and yet nothing. Only the enlightened can know it.

So how can we reach enlighenment? Meditation is the door, and Wisdom is the key. This is the Path of the Dhamma that we will study here.


hoangkybactien said...

Meditation is the way, and
Wisdom is the destination!

Anonymous said...

Someone once asked Ajahn Chah what is Dhamma.

Ajahn Chah replied "What isn't?".

hoangkybactien said...

If one is still under delusion, the answer to this "simple" question of Ven. Ajahn chah would be extremely difficult to comprehend. On the other hand, if one has already wipened off all dirts in his/her eyes, the answer should be obvious and easy!

So what is the answer (to the Master's question)?


The Fifth Patriarch Hongren once told his disciple Shenxiu that: "Had you realized your buddha nature, you don't have to truggle like that." "If one had realized it, one can immediately say something about it. Go back to your quarter and try to write another stanza..."