Saturday, June 10, 2006

Mind & Intent

The Mind is the essense of all Dhammas. Mind is the body, Intent is the application. Mind & Intent is one, not two. When we are thinking, mind becomes intent; when we are not thinking, intent is the mind. They are 2 sides of the same coin. Thus the scrpitures say:

To become all phenomena is the mind,
To transcend all phenomena is the Buddha.

It is the same with merit & sin. When the mind is pure, the mind itself is the field of merit. All crops that grow on this field are not apart from merit. When the mind is impure, the mind becomes the field of sin. Similarly, all crops that grow on this field are not apart from sin.

However, the Buddha-nature is beyond purity & impurity, merit & sin. It is fundamentally empty. What is the Buddha-nature?

It is simply, "this". Do you know it?


Anonymous said...

also bcos of the concept:

it's simply "this".

that we r still here entangled.

Anonymous said...

buddha nature is only good if you able to invoke it and bring out the the qualities of a buddha and put them into actions to benifit the beings