Sunday, July 30, 2006

About Near Death Experiences (NDE)

There's so much research done on NDEs today, that there's virtually no way to deny the truth about "life after death" & samsara. The common aspects of many NDEs include:

1. Seeing the spirit leaving their own bodies
2. Flying through a tunnel
3. Sinking into the void
4. Seeing their whole lifes flashing before their eyes in a matter of seconds
5. Seeing a powerful light & going through it

What are these things that people experience, according to the Dhamma? Let me explain a little:

1. The spirit is our delusional mind. Whereas previously the mind believed that the body belongs to itself, now it sees that the body is just a shell.
2. The tunnel is an illusionary space created by the mind in motion, which is pulled along by its own karmic energy.
3. The void is the form of Avijja or fundamental ignorance, which is actually where the delusional mind originated.
4. In the realm of the mind, space is unreal, time is equally unreal. What we believed to be "our life" is no more than a series of memories & impressions on rewind or fast forward.
5. The powerful light is your true self. Previously it was obscured by your senses but now it becomes clear because your sense organs have shut down.

This light has no form, but appears according to what a false mind is conditioned to see. When they go through the light, Christians see Jesus, Catholics see Mary, Jews see Jehovah, Muslims see Allah, Hindus see Krishna, Shiva. Buddhists see Buddha or Guanyin, Taoists see Lao Zi, the Jade Emperor etc. Those with no religion simply see whoever they held in high regard. Those who have not done much good in their lifes see Satan, the Devil, Lord Yama etc, and again those with no religion see whoever they fear most. This transformed figure will either send them back to their bodies if their lifespan is not up yet, or send them to the next existence if their time is up.

Actually whoever they see is a reflection of themselves - the mind seeing itself. When sentient beings are still deceived by their own Avijja, the true mind will spin along with outer phenomena. But when they become enlightened, it is the true mind that control how phenomena spins. No matter whether it follows or leads, the true mind always remains pure & untainted. For the enlightened ones who realize their own true mind, they are never apart from the "powerful light" that ordinary beings only see in NDEs. Everything, including both Samsara & Nibbana, is melted back into the Absolute. Birth & death is ultimately an illusion, yet apart from this illusion, what Nibbana do you hope to find? Remember this at the moment of death, & it'll be of great benefit to you.

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