Monday, February 18, 2008

LP Put of Wat Klang Bang Phra

On 17.1.08 I went to Wat Klang Bang Phra, the temple of the late LP Put in Nakhon Pathom. It is just some distance away from Wat Bang Phra. So it is no surprise that LP Put used to be good friends with LP Peun. I first heard of the temple from a friend who came here in the past. He told me there were a lot of "good stuff" that could be obtained from this temple, and thus there I was to find out for myself.
In front of the Sala we could see a billboard advertising the new batch of amulets and takruts to commemorate the 9th aniversary of LP Put's passing away in 2542 BE (1999 CE).
This is the preserved body of the crocodile subdued by LP Put in the past. Notice that the devotees still make offerings to it. That's why LP Put was known as 伏鳄罗汉 or Crocodile Subduing Arahant.
They really have a lot of good stuff here. You can see the whole corridor of buchas and amulets on display. Coincidentally, when I was there the monks were conducting a chanting ceremony for LP Put, who passed away 9 years ago on the very same day. It was LP Put's death aniversary and many devotees from the area came to participate in the auspicious ceremony. I feel this should be a sign of my karmic affinity with LP Put. Regretably, I did not manage to take a close look at LP Put's undecaying body in this Vihara as there were too many people around.
These are the 2 buchas of LP Put I obtained from the temple. The left one is 5-inch (knee to knee) and has LP holding a walking stick. The right one is 3-inch, with LP raising his right hand in blessing.
A small seated Tao Hanuman bucha from the temple. Hanuman is holding his command flag and trident. There are also some blessed "objects" embedded below the bucha. There are many other interesting things available at the temple. You guys can take your time to slowly look them through if you visit. Highly recommended.
On my 2nd trip to Wat Klang Bang Phra in Apr 2009 I managed to take more photos. This is the undecaying body of LP Put. A closer shot of LP Put's body, which appeared to be still in very good condition.The various Buddha statues in the LP Put Vihara.
The altar to LP Put's wax statue.
A closer look at the statue.Outside the Luang Por Tubtim Vihara.Luang Por Tubtim is the presiding Buddha image of this temple.A closer look at the image. It looks very much like LP Sotorn in Chachengsao. The Phra Leela statue outside the Vihara.
The big Luang Por Yai Buddha image at the back of the temple.

A video of Luang Por Yai and the surroundings.

The Vihara close to Luang Por Yai. That's all for the Apr 2009 visit.

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