Sunday, March 16, 2008

LP Tuad of Wat Prasat

On 19.1.2008 morning I went to Wat Prasat, the famous LP Tuad temple in Bangkok. I took a taxi there from Yaowarat, but unfortunately the driver had no idea where the temple was. It was only after searching around in the Dusit district for a long time and praying to LP Tuad for help that I was finally able to reach the temple. Entering the temple, I'm immediately greeted by a large image of LP Tuad Towrid (Iron). I gratefully thanked LP Tuad for guiding me to the temple.
The Ubosot. Inside the Ubosot is a Phra Buddha Chinaraj image.
The golden chedi near to the Ubosot.
Inside the side shrine there are images of LP Tuad, Phra Sangajaya, LP Toh (Maitreya) and many more.
In the shelter beside the office are the statues of LP Tuad Sivali as well as LP Tuad Yiab Nam Talay Jerd. Curiously, they are the same style as that of Wat Pako, Songkhla; except for the crystal ball that seated LP Tuad images of Wat Pako hold in their hands.
There was a lot of construction going on; they were building a new Sala using the funds gained from selling this batch of amulets. We can see from the billboard in the shelter that it was the 2548 (2005) Sala building batch.
This is the 12-inch tall LP Tuad Sivali bucha I obtained from the temple, made from black bronze material with partial gold coating. Most of the other stuff in that batch were all sold out, but I was satisfied with the few items I got there. Will visit Wat Prasat whenever I'm in Bangkok to pay homage to LP Tuad.
For those of you who don't know how to go there, you can show the taxi driver this map. Wat Prasat is at the circled location.


Anonymous said...


u took nice pic of LP Tuad...would happy to visit those temple one day.

keep it up.



Winston Lee (Kuala Lumpur, M'sia)

Jackson.2516 said...

Brother, can you please do let me know where this Wat Prasat located in Bangkok?

Thank you and best regards,