Tuesday, October 06, 2009

2nd Trip to Nakhon Si Thammarat

On my 2nd trip to Nakhon Si Thammarat I visited a few more important landmarks there. Above is the famous Lak Meuang or City Pillar Shrine.
The City Pillar here was unique in the whole of Thailand due to its special Jatukam head. As we know in 2530 Khun Sanpetch and Khun Pan invited the deity of Jatukam to reside in the pillar with the help of medium Ajarn Kopong, so as to return peace to the then chaotic province. Curiously there were also 2 LP Tuad buchas on the altar below the sacred Jatukam pillar.
On the roof above the 8-faced Jatukam head there was a hexagram with 8 Rahus and 28 constellations.
The large urn in front of the shrine.

Then I headed over to Wat Mahathat. This is a video of the main shrine leading to the sacred Phra Boromathat Chedi.
A close up of the statue of Jatukam's brother Ramathep, guarding the left side of the Chedi entrance.
And of course Jatukam himself on the right.
The Ayuttaya style Phra Ruang at the side.
After that was the Phra Buddha Sihing shrine hall, located between the provincial hall and court house. Quite surprisingly, the sacred Buddha Sihing bucha of NST province was quite small, with only a lap width of 7". This 700 yr old Buddha statue from Sri Lanka once mystically prevented a bandit-planted bomb from exploding inside the shrine.
My driver prayed to the Buddha image for safety and success.
A closer shot of Phra Buddha Sihing.
The 5" Buddha Sihing bucha I chowed from Wat Mahathat recently.

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