Saturday, January 09, 2010

LP Thongdam of Wat Tham Tapianthong

LP Thongdam of Wat Tham Tapainthong is a well respected guru monk in Lopburi, famous for his Metta and Mahalap amulets. Here I've asked LP to bless the Sivali bucha I've chowed with his sacred powder.
I also asked LP to bless the other amulets I chowed.
Taking a photo with LP.
The altar inside LP's kuti, with a golden Phra Kaew as the main Buddha.
The amulet counter.
Outside the kuti.
The poster showing the latest batch of 9-face Buddha bucha, Somdej Chanaman and Phra Huyan amulets.
The 9-face Buddha roop lors, made of Samrit material.
The Somdej Chanaman with 3K takruts and rubies.
The cute-looking Phra Sivali bucha, made of hard clay material.
New photos taken with LP Thongdam on my 2nd visit (5.3.2010).

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fred said...

In Thai the the amulets of the Buddha and Buddha images are never bought but rented...looked after....'chowed' as you say..the word in Thai. But for your blog to help others understand who do not know Thai it would be better to say...rented or 'in my care'...