Friday, February 05, 2010

Pastor Rony's attacks on Buddhism

The outrageous videos of Pastor Rony Tan reloaded on Youtube. He has really learned his lesson on respecting other people's religion the hard way.

To his own ruin the fool gains knowledge,

for it cleaves his head

and destroys his innate goodness. - Dhammapada


Anonymous said...

I was upset for 1 minute. Then I realised all beings are subject to their own karma so I let it be. Dhamma taught by the Buddha has been subject to ridicules for over 2,500 years and now I see these attacks as Dhamma too.

Once someone asked Ajahn Chah what is Dhamma. The answer - What isn't?

It's a pity that Joseph Lee and the lady missed out on learning the Dhamma, even they are given the opportunities.

Sabbadana Dhammadana Jinati.

Pang Ren said...

Don't worry dude. I am also very hot (angry) when listening to his talk. But hey... on the bright side, there are only a few anti-buddhist videos on youtube. But the anti-creation videos are all over the place.

Sendoh said...

Sigh.. its this kind of ppl who kills religious harmony in sg.... hope the respective authority do smth about it. Do not wish to see this becoming another excuse for people to get violent. Thanks for sharing bro

Wayne Woo said...

In the 2,553 yr history of Buddhism, it has spread to many countries around the world. In some places it prospered, and in other places it declined and eventually disappeared. But there were always times where Buddhism was persecuted, oppressed, ridiculed, corrupted and wilfully misinterpreted by hostile beings, which are as many as the sand grains in the Ganges river. But in the end, the wisdom and truth of the Dhamma always emerge victorious. In the vast wheel of time, Pastor Rony is but another speck of dust, trying to burn Mount Sumeru using a small candle flame. How can they ever succeed?

Patrick said...

I was also upset after viewing the video. But we were taught not to be upset over little things and to see the bigger picture. As a leader of a church, Pastor Rony should know better than to ridicule others religion.

Tianwen said...

I guess, by now, most will know that the authorities have taken action on Pastor Rony. We are indeed fortunate to live in country where government recognize and emphasize on racial and religious harmonies.

Some thoughts that went through my mind after watching the video.

Why did Pastor Rony need to do that? For sure he know that such subject is taboo in Singapore. What was he trying to prove to his audience? Does he feel threated by Buddhism on his Church?

On the other hand, we should also reflect a little on why Buddhism did not work on Joseph Lee and the lady?

Joseph's response to Pastor Rony's questions do sound ridiculous to most of you (and me) but it reflect his lack of the understanding of Buddha's teaching. He mentioned he chanted some mantra diligently so that he could be more powerful than God? Even though he has no idea what it meant? Who could have led him to develop this wrong view in the first place?

I totally agree Pastor Rony's action was not called for and anyway he has been swiftly dealt with. But I suspected many so call Buddhist in Singapore have little idea what Buddhism is all about. Sometimes, I feel we Buddhist are to be blamed for many of the wrong views that other religion may hold on Buddhism. By our daily action, we Buddhist are showing the world, in both right and wrong ways, what Buddhism is about.

And religion is not about which is the best, the most logical, the most appealing, etc. It is really about what works for you; it is highly personal affair.

That is why I have great respect for all religion.

Wishing all a prosperous and healthy lunar new year!

Wayne Woo said...

From CNA website:

Pastor's comments on Buddhism/Taoism "inappropriate & unacceptable": MHA
Posted: 08 February 2010 2345 hrs

SINGAPORE: The Internal Security Department (ISD) has called up Pastor Rony Tan of Lighthouse Evangelism in connection with his comments and insinuations about Buddhism and Taoism at his church sessions.

These sessions were video-recorded and made available on Lighthouse Evangelism's website. Video clips of these sessions subsequently became available on YouTube and other websites.

The Ministry of Home Affairs said Pastor Tan's comments were highly inappropriate and unacceptable as they trivialised and insulted the beliefs of Buddhists and Taoists.

They can also give rise to tension and conflict between the Buddhist/Taoist and Christian communities.

ISD told Pastor Tan that in preaching or proselytising his faith, he must not run down other religions, and must be mindful of the sensitivities of other religions.

Pastor Tan has expressed his deepest apologies and remorse. He deeply regrets that he has been insensitive and offensive towards the Buddhist and Taoist faiths, and that his comments have saddened and hurt their followers.

He has promised that it will never happen again and has also affirmed that he will tell his members to respect other beliefs and build a harmonious Singapore. - CNA/ir

terryaki said...

to have witnessed a pastors demeaning behavior left me stumped. why the need to blaspheme other religions to justify his? if calling others stupid makes one smarter, then Einstein, Newton, Lincoln, daVinci all must have had really foul mouths.
Did he not realize the gravity of this incident before acting on it? And since when did the Bible mentioned mockery and disparagement.

Windstorm13 said...

Somehow i feel that all this so call former buddhists are lying? Cheap publicity stunt.

Honsing said...

Actually I did not feel any anger with the 2 Buddhists or with the Pastor. Even the untrue story about what happened when Buddha was about to "pass away" -- I just laughed at the silly-ness of the story. It was nothing more than a joke -- it was not worth any anger.

All that they have said, I hear with sympathy and compassion. I can understand where they are coming from. I am sorry that the experience did not work out for them.

Actually I am glad that the first guy found happiness with having a family and 2 kids. I think he has found what suits him, therefore so be it. As for the woman, I hope she is doing fine, whatever her religious beliefs become.

I think it is good that the Pastor tries to do a Q&A with Buddhists. However he probably should have chosen someone who knows more about Buddhism.

I wouldn't want to be "more powerful" then god, as what the first guy wanted. I just want to end my suffering. And for me, I know I have a long way to go. So back to practices! :)

May you be well and happy.

Anonymous said...

christians = shit stirrers

Disrespectful I know but, look at the AWARE saga, the couple distributing flyers and now this, can't help but think so.

My christian friend once tricked me into joining their little gathering and I ended up having to listen to them insult Buddhism & Taoism. Then when I wanted to leave, my friend told me I'm one of them already because I put my name down on their "welcome namecards" when I entered their door. I was like "WTF, how could you trick me like this!" So angry, I never talked to her ever again..

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Be happy when you have no ill wills/hatre when you "should" have.
Be happy when you are able to watch your own mind.
Be happy when you can laugh over things you think you will dislike.

May all beings be well, happy and peaceful.

Weijia said...

those two are very poor students of buddhism. and shame on pastor rony.

Windstorm13 said...

i think we need the full video..... but just from the few clips alone we can gather the following pastor rony is making a flawed argument about Buddhists practises.

1. First point is from a point of view a neutral party, i a non-believer of faith, therefore to me is like Buddhists cannot prove Nirvana and Christians cannot prove God. Is like taking non-existance vs non-existance. how to prove who is right?

2. Secondly, there is no rebut of discussing buddha teaching or way of life. All they do is go on stage and make jokes out of "TV Buddhism and Taoists Action". Come on although i am a not a BCT, i also know there is not a word in buddhist teaching then mention u can be more powerful then god. infact buddhism teaching is even god is not almighty and is subject to death and aging. I heard from a monk it is know as 天人五衰.. it is obvious the some call former monk either is not listening or he is lying.

3. The Gal mention she don know chinese and never heard chinese before and chant from the script. Oh my god, either she is born deaf and she is living in an angmo country with non a chinese in sight. And somehow she can see her past life when is meidating the pastor conclusion is all that is work of the devil. But he failed to mention and explain sunday school kids speaking in tongues is not the work of the devil?

Conclusion: Pastor Rony is just presenting a flawed arguement and promoting Twisted view of buddhism, seriously letting him get away with a warning is too much.

Wat msg the police and iDA even the police is promoting to the ppl???

Anonymous said...

What was the Pastor's intention staging such a presentation in the first place?

Anonymous said...

Whether the Pastor apologize or not makes no difference. He has set out to ridicule Buddhism and Taoism and post it for the world to see and to this end he has succeeded.

It just like if I were to beat up a person almost to death and after that I just say I am sorry. Does the apology help that poor guy to recover, to forget the pain he suffered?

Will the Christian community be satisfied if I apologize to them after I attack their Bible or their precious Jesus?

Remember, reported that: "This is not the first time a video by Tan has attracted attention. Two years ago, he posted a five-minute music video, The Singapore Song, which sparked a debate in cyberspace on the role of the Government."

Anonymous said...

The whole incident just makes Pastor Rony look bad. As the leader of a religious organisation, he should know better than stage this sort of Q & A to disparage the beliefs of others. Why not focus on the benefits and merits of your own religion instead? If he wanted an educated balanced view then have a debate with another religious leader?

As a Buddhist, I am not angry just saddened at his ignorance.

Anonymous said...

The Url of the Video clips of Pastor Rony Tan blasting and attacking Buddhism as below:

Pastor Rony Tan Blasts Buddhist Part 1

Pastor Rony Tan Blasts Buddhist Part 2

Pastor Rony Tan Blasts Buddhist Part 3

Pastor Rony Tan Blasts Buddhist Part 4

ThinkAgain said...

38 Point-by-point Clarifications of Misconceptions in Pastor Rony Tan’s Vids can be seen @

Anonymous said...

It's really an insult for what pastor Rony has said. it is the entire conversation is scripted. SO disappointed in these ppl.

Anonymous said...

Why blame Rony. It take 2 hands to clap. Blame it on the insider. They are the ones who condemn their own religion just because they did not understand the dhamma or have met the right ajahn. We are heir to our own kamma. so be it.

Anonymous said...

Originally I was going to view the entire series of the videos since I've only heard of the incident and have yet to know the full story on how he attacked Buddhism.

However, half way through the first video, I stopped. I'm not gonna waste my time and energy to listen to someone who is biased and so narrow-minded. One who is biased is blinded by his own ideas. In addition, he already has a purpose in mind.

A little angry and helpless I may be but I hope he watches his steps from here on. Karma may just knock on his door.