Thursday, April 01, 2010

Great Drought in Southwestern China

"The water basin of the pure mind reflects clearly every moment;

But the broken basin that is the turbid mind of sentient beings,

Cannot reflect the Dharmakaya of the Tathagata."

- Avatamsaka Sutra

Currently, the Southwestern region of China is being hit by the worst drought in 60 yrs; and forecasters see no sign of it abating soon. The people in the provinces of Yunnan and Guizhou are affected most badly by this drought, suffering greatly from the severe water shortage. Although the Chinese government tries to use modern technology to create artificial rain, the effect of such measures cannot really do much to solve the problem.

What are the causes of such a disaster? Normal droughts are the result of natural climate cycles, but great droughts of such a severe scale are a result of collective karma. Let me cite a story - during the Han dynasty, there was a filial widow, who continued to take care of her mother in law with devotion even after her husband passed away. But later when the mother in law died, the widow's sister in law wrongly accused her of murdering their mother. They went to the magistrate and the widow protested her innocence. Unfortunately, the magistrate did not believe her and sentenced her to death. After she died, her spirit went up to the Heavenly Emperor to complain of the gross injustice. As a result of this injustice, the entire province experienced a great drought for 3 yrs, causing many people and animals to die. It was only after a virtuous official righted this wrong before the new magistrate and proclaimed it before the widow's grave that the drought finally ended with a huge downpour.

So as we can see, severe climate disasters in a region are usually a result of an unwholesome deed of deeds committed by the people living there. In order to expiate this type of negative karma, the Chinese Sangha of that region should meet and chant the Avatamsaka Sutra together. The merits of this mass chanting should be dedicated to all the aggrieved parties and suffering sentient beings. When they received these merits, their anger will be appeased and the drought will automatically be lifted. Therefore out of compassion for all sentient beings, I hope the respected Sangha leaders will come out to perform this great puja as soon as possible.


Veer Singh said...

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Arti said...

Hello Wayne,
Nice blog here. Recently visited Sarnath - the Buddhist pilgrimage in India. And i got to read some quotes bu Gautam Buddha there..Very thoughtful article. I Pray That the draught conditions get over soon..