Friday, May 14, 2010

Completed Chedi at Wat Sampowchey

Finally the Chedi at Wat Sampowchey, Pattani has been completed. It took a quite a few years to build!
The famous Phra Buddha Toh Hak statue of this temple, now gold plated.

Video of the amulet shop at Wat Sampowchey, Pattani. Some armed soldiers are stationed here to guard the temple from insurgents.
Behind me is the statue of LP Thong's master, LP Tuad Non.
The full view of the altar.


tun said...

Bro Wayne, is the road leading to this wat safe?

Wayne Woo said...

Relatively, yes.

Verily Verily said...

Hi Bro Wayne,
I enjoy reading your blog; very informative. Are there any takrut Man Bo by LP Thong and Rian Toh Hak (BE2529) available for rent at this temple?
How do I get there from Haadjai?

Wayne Woo said...

Can't get those there. U got to hire a driver to take u there from Hatyai.

Bitchster said...

hi wayne,

i'm heading to pattani & pattalung this month end and would like to ask you a few question re AC Prachuap.

could you email me @ please?