Tuesday, December 28, 2010

LP Chom of Wat Klang Khun Paen

LP Chom of Wat Klang Khun Paen, Ayuttaya is the successor of the great master of Metta magic LP Sawai Wat Preedaram. I decided to visit this LP to check out his stuff. Above is the Mai Takian shrine at the temple.
The giant gong.
Devotees praying inside the Ubosot.
Front gate.
Side view of the Ubosot.
The main altar inside LP's kuti. Many Lersi buchas. Notice the giant Khun Paen on the left!
Photos of LP visiting devotees in Hong Kong.
LP drawing Yants on my Khun Paen amulets.
LP inscribing Yants onto my Chuchok bucha.
Photo with LP Chom. He is getting more and more popular overseas.
My Chuchok bucha.. it looks "live".
Having LP perform a Nanathong gold foil blessing on my forehead on my 2nd trip there.
Closer view.
LP blessing the small tiger palakits that I chowed.
Blessing the big tiger palakit bucha.
Applying Metta oil.
Blessing completed.

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