Thursday, April 21, 2011

PT Nuan of Wat Sai Rah

PT Nuan is one of the most famous guru monks of Nakhon Si Thammarat still alive today. He was famous for one batch of Kring amulets with many miracle stories. The boss of Fordlane in Singapore once invited him down to Singapore a few years ago. The journey to his temple Wat Sai Rah was very far, almost 5 hrs away from Hatyai. The temple was very grand, with many attractions. Above we see the temple gate.
The 12" Buddha Sihing bucha that was available for pre-order.
The temple counter.
The Jatukam Lak Meuang shrine.
Another Jatukam shrine.
The Guanyin shrine.

The Phra Ariya Metteya (Maitreya) shrine.
The Ubosot.
The Main Sala.
Kuti of PT Nuan. Unfortunately he seldom meet visitors nowadays.
A parting shot before I left.
5" bucha of PT Nuan that I chowed there.

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