Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Shocking Cruelty of China Drivers

This is a video of a recent TV news program talking about a traffic accident in Foshan, China. A 3-year-old girl was knocked down by a van. Although the driver realized he had bumped into a girl, instead of stopping to help, he accelerated his van so that its rear wheels run over her again. Later another driver also ran over the girl without stopping. Meanwhile, dozens of pedestrians walked past the dying girl, but none of them even stopped to take a look at her. In the end only a trash collector old lady showed some sign of humanity.

Currently the little girl is already brain dead in hospital after being ran over 4 times by the cruel and inhuman drivers. Just as inhuman are all those passer-bys who just walk past or around her as if she was invisible. Even after being arrested, the first driver showed no remorse at all for his cruelty nor any concern for his victim. This incident really reflects the complete moral decay of China's populace today. Although they are clothed like humans, they are no better than beasts. Devoid of the traditional values of Confucianism, Taoism & Buddhism, such a nation is doomed to self destruction despite its whatever economic success.

The Dhammapada says:

"Fools, their wisdom weak,
are their own enemies;
for they go through life,
doing evil that bears bitter fruit."

The minds of the present generation of people in China are hopelessly trapped in deep ignorance and greed, no thanks to the cultural revolution and relentless pursuit of material progress since the economic reforms of the 80s up till today. Everyday they commit all sorts of evil deeds just to be better off than the next man, ignorant of the karma that they create for themselves. Atheistic in their outlook, firmly believing that there is nothing after death, they fear no wrongdoing, other than the harsh punishment of the law. One can say this is the remaining ills of socialism in a nominally socialist China, caught up in the unstoppable wave of capitalism. All of them are laying the seeds of future suffering which will bear fruit in a very collective and powerful way. The only way to curb this widespread inhumanity among the Chinese is for the leadership to revive the traditional teachings of Confucianism, Taoism & Buddhism across all the schools in China, instilling wholesome qualities in the children from young. Only then can they grow up to be pillars of the country and lamps for the whole world. If not, it is not difficult to predict that the future of China is truly bleak indeed.


Super Kumantong said...

"Devoid of the traditional values of Confucianism, Taoism & Buddhism, such a nation is doomed to self destruction despite its whatever economic success."
- This is well said.

lotusflower101811 said...

Yes I saw this in Facebook I didn't understand what they are talking about but by looking at the video breaks my heart. Didn't think it could be this cold hearted that people have no heart or sympathy. What i dont understand is where is her parents??? Yes, You had say and explain really well. Sadhu... sadhu...sadhu...to you. May the little girl R.I.P