Sunday, March 11, 2012

Inside the Cave of Wat Tham Tapianthong

Wat Tham Tapianthong in Lopburi province is the temple of LP Thongdam. Although I've visited here a few times, I've not looked inside the cave behind the temple. At the entrance we see the statues of LP Thep Lok Udon and LP Opasi.
Mae Takian shrine beside the entrance.
At the roof of the cave is a hole opening to the hill above.
Statue of Tao Wessuwan guarding the inside of the cave.
The inner part of the relatively small cave. An orb can be seen near the centre of the picture. This the place where LP Thongdam used to meditate and consecrate amulets.
Phra Prom shrine outside the cave.
First batch Pidta amulets of LP.
Subsequent batch of Pidta and Mae Tapianthong Rians.

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