Monday, November 26, 2012

AJ Perm of Wat Khao Rae

AJ Perm of Wat Khao Rae in Lopburi province is a young master who specializes in Rae Lek Lai amulets. This is a video of the surroundings there. As we can see it is still not developed.
The bell tower still under construction.
Sala yet to be built.
AJ Perm's Kuti.
Photo of AJ receiving making an offering to Somdej Kaew, the vice Sangharaj.
Deva and Lersi altar.
Altar with Nakprok, LP Tuad and Somdej Toh.
AJ Perm reblessing the amulets I chow on my 2nd trip there.
A shot taken with AJ.
9 Maha Thep 9 Arahan amulet made from Rae Lek Lai.
Somdej Rae Lek Lai.

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