Wednesday, February 13, 2013

AJ Yit of Wat Chulamani

AJ Yit is the current abbot of Wat Chulamani in Samut Songkram province. This is a very famous temple in that province well known for its Chinese Taoist amulets. They are very popular among the Thai Chinese community there.
The Ubosot.
Inside the Ubosot is the Relic shrine and the temple counter.
The principal Buddha statue of the Ubosot.
Sala at the side.
Signboard showing the famous Buddha of this temple, Phra Buddha Chulamani.
Inside the Buddha Chulamani Vihara.
Shrine to LP Neng, the previous abbot and master of AJ Yit.
Gate to the shrine.
Phra Pikanet shrine.
Tao Wessuwan shrine. This temple is also famous for its Wessuwan.
Shiva Lingam shrine.
LP Ban Laem shrine. There is also Somdej Toh, Shiva, Pikanet and 9-face Buddha statues below.
The very unqiue Zhang Tianshi Phayant of this temple, filled with Taoist Talismans.
The fan-shaped 8 Immortals Divinity Rian.
The Bagua Lion biting sword Rian.

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Fu Liang Tan said...

Hi bro, may I know whether AJ Yit speaks mandarin? Thank you.