Monday, April 15, 2013

AJ Tee Lek of Samnak Khao Sunamo

AJ Tee Lek of Samnak Khao Sunamo, Petchaboon province is known in the whole of Thailand as the "Bulletproof monk of Petchaboon". He became somewhat of a legend due to the TV programs that show his takruts and amulets being tested regularly against guns. He lives on a remote hill without a temple, yet devotees from Thailand and overseas, both near and as far as thousands of miles away come to pay respect to him. Above we see the main Sala.

The kutis on the hilltop where AJ and his followers live.
Chatting with AJ abt his new takruts coming out next month.
AJ reblessing the stuff that I chowed.
His famous Maha Ut Kongkapan takruts.
Equally famous Rian Chanachai.


Lawrence Lee said...

Hi Sir Wayne,

I am wondering when will you be going to Thailand again? I am very interested in your trip and hope to learn from you one day.

Lawrence Lee said...

Can email me @ Thanks!

joseph seah said...

Bro you achan Teelek amulets for rent?ty

Poh Soon Tsin said...

any amulet to rent .???
can email me pls ..

true dharma said...

True Buddhism does not sell and its the first time I have seen a monk with so much tattoos. I have seen some amulets sold here that's been claimed to be "blessed" by him. Totally shaddy, some depict ghost and skulls. Totally dark magic. If you carry ghosts around, you're just waiting to be busted by a a ghost buster one fine day.

true dharma said...

And there will be karma...