Saturday, October 19, 2013

LP Sanit of Wat Lam Bua Loi

LP Sanit of Wat Lam Bua Loi, Nakhon Nayok province, was the top guru monk there most famous for his wealth crocodile and turtle wicha, which he learned from LP Seng. Legend has it he was able to make crocodiles made from wood or stone come alive and start swimming. He passed away in 2542 at the age of 74. Above we see the main shrine.
 The Ubosot.
 Wealth crocodile statue.
 Bell tower.
  Phra Pang Umbat and Wealth Turtle statue.
 Shrine of  LP Sanit.
 The current abbot and disciple of LP Sanit, LP Prasit.
 Old article on the turtle and crocodile amulets.
  Lersi statues.
 Photo shrine of LP Sanit.
 His old crocodile amulets.
 Turtle amulets with kring inside.


monster said...

hi wayne, I saw on one of your older posts that you have a bucha with faces of 13 different hindu deities, may i know who made it? thank you.

Saggicool said...

wah you travel so wide to Thailand and many monk !! guess your thai language must be super good!!

so when yr next rip to Thailand..
by the way , where is your shop ?

Kingkura said...

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