Saturday, July 26, 2008

Travels in Yala - Wat Lam Phaya

Near to Wat Muang Yala is Wat Lam Phaya, the temple of Portan Krai. Portan Krai is the famous "Beast-subduing Arahant" of Yala. Take note, this is not the same as Portan Klai of Pattalung. Above we see the Ubosot. There's also no soldiers guarding this temple as it is in town.
The Sala.
The Vihara, built in 2509 BE (1966 CE).
Inside the Vihara, PT Krai is the main deity worshipped. Typically he is depicted in a seated position with a Tiger and 2 Cobras laying in front of him. Besides PT Krai, there's also statues of LP Tuad and LP Ong Dam (the Black Buddha).
Inside PT Singh's kuti, we see an oil potrait of himself. He is the current abbot of Wat Lam Phaya.
After receiving a blessing from PT Singh, I asked my driver to take a picture for us. Interestingly, PT wanted to view this pic and even commented about the price and convenience of digital cameras nowadays. He is actually quite friendly! This is another temple worth visiting as there are lots of good PT Krai and LP Tuad available for chow here.
This is the 5-inch LP Tuad bucha I obtained from the temple. It is made of polished black bronze material. It is special in the sense that it looks fiercer than the LP Tuad images in other temples. The newly up temple shop when I went there in Jan 2009.

The new temple counter.

The 4" PT Krai bucha that I obtained there in Jan 2009, made of 108 kinds of Wan material. The PT Krai Katha is:

Namo Tassa (3x)

Chant Buddhaguna, Dhammaguna & Sanghaguna (3x)

Buddhang Nakak Phayakkang Heum Ham Itinamo Sugato Buddhang Attho. (3x)

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