Saturday, July 26, 2008

Travels in Yala - Wat Muang Yala

When people talk about "Phra Sam Tuad", they are reminded of the 3 famous LP Tuad temples of Wat Changhai, Wat Saikow & Wat Muang Yala. On 15.7.2008 I had the chance to visit Wat Muang Yala for the first time. It lies in the heart of Yala town, where security is relatively tight. Not surprisingly, there were no soldiers guarding this important temple.
The Ubosot. The "PPR" emblem we see on the roof indicates the royal patronage that this temple had received.
This is the huge Phra Sangkachai statue under the uncompleted Chedi building.
The Vihara where they keep all the good stuff.
Inside the Vihara there's an altar worshipping Phra Buddha Chinaraj, LP Tuad, Somdej Toh and others.
A small LP Tuad bucha I got from the temple. It is made of Wan (herbs) powder material.
The altar inside the Sala.
Inside Portan Chin's kuti, I saw this precious Dhamma fan presented by the Crown Prince to PT.
The rest of the stuff inside PT's kuti.
After receiving a blessing from PT Chin, I asked an old auntie (who was his assistant) to take this photo for me. PT was also very kind to give me a bullet takrut for my own protection.
The kind auntie also treated me to some simple temple food when she learned that I had not taken my lunch. I ate moderately and thanked her for generosity before I left. Such good people.. I'll definitely be back in the future to visit PT & the old auntie.
The newly built LP Tuad Vihara cum temple shop when I went in Jan 2009. The 5" LP Tuad bucha I obtained in Jan 2009, made of Wan (herbs) material.

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