Monday, August 25, 2008

Indonesian Black Magic

On 23.8.2008 there was an article talking about an Indonesian woman who had metal wires growing out of her stomach and chest for the past 17 yrs. Her relatives had tried to help her in the past by cutting away the protruding wires, but it was useless as they would quickly grow again at other spots. The government also sent 4 top medical experts to try to diagnose her problem, but none could tell what kind of disease it was, other than it being "very rare". X-rays done on her show 40 over wires around 10-20cm each inside her body, but how they got there and why they were growing were a total mystery. Medical science with all its technology became completely useless when dealing with this woman.
This strange case reminded me of the 2005 Thai movie "Art of the Devil 2", which at the beginning showed a male character having fishing hooks sprouting violently out of his body after he was put under a hex by a Cambodian black magician. That movie was one of the most gruesome horror movies I ever saw. Indeed, there are still many things in the world that could not be explained by science today. Black magic, as practiced in many parts of Southeast Asia, is one of them. It is more popularly known as "Gong Tao" by the Chinese. Basically there are 2 types of Gong Tao that is most feared in this region - the Thai-Khmer type and the Indonesian type. I've also seen in HK reporter Hu Huichong's documentary on black magic how both types of black magicians go about casting their hexes. These dark arts are real, and they've been around since time immemorial. Quite obviously, that Indonesian woman with wires growing out of her body had been hexed by a black magician. Yet she is still oblivious to it after 17 yrs, what a pity. This is a kind of flying needle hex (or in this case wires) in which the evil bomoh sends foreign objects into the victim's body through an incantation. The bomoh must have the victim's picture and perhaps a personal item to cast the hex. Once the hex succeeds, those foreign objects would be permanently lodged inside the victim's body until the person dies. Only the bomoh who casted the hex could remove it; it would be very difficult for other good bomohs to try to lift it. Not to mention ordinary doctors. I pray that whoever who requested for the hex to be put on the woman will let go of his or her grudges and get the bomoh to remove it. May they be freed from their enmity and suffering.


Anonymous said...

Hi, can't monks from Tibet and Thailand remove them? Many are experts in removing black magic.

Wayne said...

They can try, but it's very tough.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Fascinating post! I know nothing of Asian black magic, but there have been cases of Catholic exorcisms in Europe where the possessed victim was the victim of a similar curse, though in these cases the foreign objects (glass, nails, etc.) are either coughed out or simply materialize out of the victim's body when the exorcism succeeds. Gabriele Amorth and the late Malachi Martin, both priests and exorcists, relate such incidents.

Wayne said...

Yes I guess black magic arts exist across many cultures. Having foreign objects embedded into an enemy's body appear to be popular way of taking revenge. Another popular hex is to make one's enemies have horrible hallucinations (they are tormented by visions of evil spirits) all the time until they become mad or commit suicide.

Anonymous said...

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Wayne Woo said...

What problem do u have?

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