Saturday, August 16, 2008

Jatukam of Wat Puthaisawan

On 14.7.2008 I went to Ayuttaya and one of the temples I visited was Wat Puthaisawan. This temple is famous for its Jatukam Shrine. It's perhaps the most famous Jatukam Shrine outside of Nakhon Si Thammarat. Jatukam amulets from this temple continue to command strong recognition despite the fading of the Jatukam craze. Above we see the prominent white Prang Chedi of the temple.
A closer look at the Prang Chedi.
Climbing up, we see this shrine inside the Chedi.
The Vihara beside the Chedi.
A white Buddha statue is venerated within this Vihara.
The Cobra guardian outside the Vihara.
This is the Khmer style Phra Ruang image on another side of the Chedi.
Inside the temple's Ubosot, we see 4 Golden Buddha images as well as a portrait of HM the King when he was ordained.
A statue of Phra Siam Thewathirat, the guardian deity of Thailand was seen in the Ubosot when I went there in Jan 2009.
The doors of the Ubosot are engraved with 2 fierce Yakkha guardians in Anjali (salutation).
A newly built Vihara near the entrance. Beside it was the temple shop.
The fascinating Phra Lek Lai (rare kind of mineral) Buddha in the Vihara.
The heavily decorated main altar of the Jatukam Shrine. Besides different buchas of Jatukam, many other deities are placed on it as well.
The Jatukam Katha taught by this temple:
Namo Tassa (3x)
Kah Konom Tawai Sakkara Suriyan Jantra Jansaphanu
Duangtra Song Paendin Siwichai Suwarnaphum
Phaya Si Thamma Sokkaraj
Sip Song Nakasat Duangtra Phaya Rahu
Si Maharaj Pangpagan
Ong Rachandam Tan Por Jatukam Ramathep
Phra Jao Uthong Somdej Phra Naresuan Maharaj
Somdej Phra Ekatsaroj
Somdej Phra Jao Thaksin Maharaj Phra Sayam Thewathiraj.
This Katha not only invokes Jatukam Ramathep, the 12 zodiac animals, Rahu, Pidta Panpagan as well as famous Kings in Thai history like King Naret, Ekatsarot and Thaksin. The Jao Mae Thoranee (Earth Goddess) shrine in front of the Jatukam shrine. A Kumanthong image is also worshipped beside her.
The Katha of Jow Mae Thoranee:

Namo Tassa (3x)

Tassa Phesi Satho Yakkha Kongkha Sothang Pawattanthi
Narasena Patthi Thatung Asak Gontho Palayingsu
Pathina Nupawena Narasena Parachitha Thiso Thisang
Palayangthi Withang Sethi Asesatho Lor Sathu.

This is the 4cm Jatukam Rian (medal) that I obtained from the temple. It has Ajarn Chod's thumbprint stamped behind. The master of the shrine, Ajarn Chod was quite famous for Jatukam blessing ceremonies as well, despite being a monk. In this respect he was not unlike Luang Nui of Wat Korhong. He was also quite friendly, signing on the Rians that I got and gave me a blessing. However, Ajarn would not have his photo taken, so I did not insist. I wondered what was the reason for it.. perhaps a rule given by his guardian deities?
This is the 3" Jatukam bucha I obtained from Ajarn Chod in Jan 2009.


Piak said...

Perhap the ajarn didn't want people to commercialize his image :)

Dan76 said...

Last new year, I was at Wat Puthaisawan for a mass blessing. Then I took a picture of Ajarn Chok. One of the devotes there told me my picture will turn out blur and no able to recognize his face. I check the image and it turn out unclear but still seeable. I figure maybe he was telling me not to take picture without permission in a polite way so I kept my camera. I also met with arjan chok for him to 'sign' a bangle I got there. The audience was about 15 sec...keke...then he told me to go and my friends all friend havent even kneel down yet. My shifu once told me enlightened monk usually not much words...see,bless and go I guess he is like that bah...

Wayne said...

Haha.. no wonder people say Arjan Chod very "tao". Maybe he really got something!