Sunday, December 21, 2008

The "Buddha Head" of Kruba Woon

What distinguishes the Buddha from ordinary men physically? The Buddha, his disciples and even Universal Monarchs have all or some of the 32 Marks of a Great Man, as well as 80 auspicious characteristics. Some of these 32 Marks include feet with level soles, penis concealed in a sheath, golden-colored skin, torso like a lion, voice like Brahma, deep blue eyes etc. Just talking about his head, besides the long earlobes and white turf of hair between the eyebrows, the most noticeable marks are the turban-like flesh protrusion on the top of his head as well as the round hair curls all over his scalp. All these are signs of a person's past Parami (Perfections), cultivated over uncountable lifetimes. They each have their own individual significance. You can refer to to read what they represent. Still, some people doubt whether they are real or not or perhaps they think that these are stuff of legend; but the truth is they do exist and can be seen.
Which bring us to our subject, Kruba Woon of Wat Pah Daeng in Chiang Mai. Kruba is a highly cultivated monk who passed away in 2545 BE (2005). He was born in 2466 BE (1926) and used to be from Ayuttaya, but later he went to study meditation in Chiang Mai and stayed there ever since. Through the years, Kruba had reached a very advance state of meditation practice.
A photo of Kruba Woon in his old age.
The statue of Kruba Woon at Wat Pah Daeng.
After Kruba Woon entered Parinibbana, his body was undecaying and they placed him in a glass casket in the Wat so that devotees can continue to venerate him.
Soon after the temple people discovered that Kruba Woon had curls all over his scalp, just like a Buddha head (see above)! This was one of the 80 auspicious characteristics of a Great Man. People had not noticed these curls on his head while Kruba was alive, as they were concealed by his hair. But as the hair dropped off after he passed away, they suddenly realized the great Parami of this master, both spiritually and physically. This miraculous discovery not only serves to inspire faith in all devotees, but also tells us that the 32 marks and 80 characteristics are actual phenomena. As one accumulates more and more merit through Dhamma practice, the mind becomes refined and physical changes in the body inevitably follow. Kruba Woon's undecaying body is a living testament to this truth. Let us pay homage to him, sadhu.

*Photos of Kruba Woon provided by Bro James (Noii), thank you.*


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