Friday, December 05, 2008

More bad behaviour from Malaysian amulet mags

I was browsing through a number of latest Thai amulet mags from Malaysia yesterday when I came across this magazine 泰佛搜奇 or "The Adventure of Thai Mystery". It looked almost the same as the previous one "The Legend of Thai Amulet" and I suspect they are from the same publisher. Sensing something fishy, I proceeded to flip through the pages.
True enough, when I came to their LP Parn article, I was surprised to see the big photo of LP Parn's wax statue that I took at Wat Bangnomkho smacked right in the centre (above).
And on the next page, they used my photo of the big LP Parn statue in the courtyard. But they got their facts wrong; it is not "4 to 5 storeys high" as they described. It is only around 30 feet tall.
On the subsequent pages, these guys shamelessly used almost all the other Wat Bangnomkho photos on this blog without getting my permission.
Even their captions for the photos were directly translated from my own comments. Such blatant plagiarizing make them no different from thieves. And to say nothing of their writeup which is just direct translation from the LP Parn info on Lek Watruk's website.
The photo of the Bot on the top left corner as well as the other photos are perhaps too convenient for them to steal for their own usage? These people don't even bother to go to Thailand to take their own pictures, and yet they dare to come out with such magazines!
As I flipped further, I saw that even for their Ajarn Nong article they used by Wat Saikow photos as well as pictures scanned from Ajarn Nong's magazine.
And this photo of the Vihara with LP Tuad, Ajarn Tim and Ajarn Nong. I really have no respect left for these people. Is there no respect for copyright in Malaysia? With such unethical behaviour I have no doubt that they guys behind this mag as well as their amulet business will certainly fail.


Anonymous said...

sue them!! take them to court....

Bel Esprit said...


Hush. Those ppl who use ur photos to mislead others are actually reaping a big bad karma for themselves. They will be punished by their own sins. Dun care. I support ur blog. Hmmm...I think its possible to use some IT code so tat ppl can't steal it.

Wayne said...

Thks for your support, sister :)

zoakies said...

Just bring them to court...

Those ppl who makes this copy are really jerk...just copy and paste..

Sakya said...

Its a common problem, i understand how you feel because i face the same.
Now on the bright side it mean the pictures and info on your blog are indeed very good!


Wayne said...

Thks Bro Sakya, I have great admiration for you French website as well.

marry said...

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Bimmerman said...

Put your logo on your website photos like this chap
I am sure you can find a good lawyer in KL to sue them for copyright and use of your materials.