Monday, March 30, 2009

Ajarn Phairat of Wat Kao Or

When I went to Wat Kao Or, Pattalung again in Jan 2009, I visited Ajarn Phairat, the up and coming Phra Gaeji of the temple. Although around my age, Ajarn is already well known in the South for his skill in Puttakom as well as chanting power. He participated in all the consecration ceremonies at Wat Kao Or and other temples in recent years. He told me he had come to Singapore before but I couldn't remember when was that.
The takrut that I received from AJ Phairat.
I took the chance to tour the Kao Or cave which I did not see the last time. This is the interesting "Elephant Rock" formation inside the cave.
And this is the enclave where all the Phra Gaeji do the consecration ceremonies. A statue of LP Moon in one corner of the cave.
The shrine to LP Moon near the cave entrance.
A photo of LP Moon (2439-252X BE) who was one of the most famous Puttakom masters in Wat Kao Or few decades ago. That's why he continues to be venerated in the Kao Or cave until today.


tun said...

Bro Wayne,

I would like to visit this Wat one day and is there any other Wat around Pattalung that I can visit?
Btw keep up the gp work you are doing...

Wayne said...

Many. You can search in my blog for "Temples in Pattalung". Shld come out a list of other temples like Wat Bansuan, Wat Donsala & Wat Phaksak etc.

Falcon said...

Dear Wayne,

May I know the meaning of Puttakom?

Thank you in advance.

Falcon said...

Dear Wayne,

When you were in Wat Kao Or in January this year, did you see any LP Thuat or Phra Kring or Kuan Yin amulets put on sale at the temple?

Also, do you know which temple in whole of Thailand is most famous for producing Kuan Yin amulets?

And which temple in Pattalung produces the best Phra Kring?

Many thanks in advance.

Wayne said...

Puttakom means Buddhist Magic.
In Wat Kao Or there's LP Tuad, but seldom see Kring or Kuan Yin.
Many temples in Thailand make Kuan Yin, so difficult to say which is the best. Pattalung is not a place famous for Kring amulets.

Falcon said...

Dear Wayne,

Thanks for your reply.

I was wondering why many temples in Thailand sell Kuan Yin amulets but i seldom see these being sold in Malaysia and on the internet.

Also, Puttakom is invented by which monk? Did Buddha taught those?

Thanks in advance for your reply.


Wayne said...

Puttakom is in existence for many centuries. It is not known who was the creator, but it was first taught in Wat Kao Or by its founder LP Thongtao.