Sunday, March 15, 2009

Wat Ketchaiyo in Ang Thong

On the way back to Bangkok, we stopped by the famous Wat Ketchaiyo in Ang Thong. This is one of the 3 old temples built by Somdej Toh, and it is famous for its 7-tier Somdej amulets.
The billboard tell us the 2 most important objects of worship in this temple, the Somdej Toh and Phra Buddha Pim statues.
Walking into the Main Vihara, we are greeted by the large Phra Buddha Pim golden statue, also known as Luang Por Toh. This is the presiding Buddha image of the temple, which is in the Samadhi posture.

A video I took of Phra Buddha Pim, showing its full size.
A large potrait of Somdej Toh reading scripture at the side.
Inside the Ubosot, which is right in front of the Main Vihara.
An ornate chedi on the right side. In front are buchas of King Naresuan and King Taksin.
A flourishing Bodhi tree near the Somdej Toh Vihara.
The entrance of the Somdej Toh Vihara.

The part of the Chao Phaya river that flows in front of the Vihara. This Vihara has very good Fengshui! The large gold-plated statue of Somdej Toh in the meditation posture gazes down at visitors.
At the side is a smaller statue of LP Sod Wat Paknam. Wonder where is the association?
A different angle of Somdej Toh.
A Somdej Rian (nickel material) I obtained from the temple.
A Somdej Ketchaiyo set of 3 that I got. After paying homage to Somdej Toh, I went back to Bangkok for a good rest.

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