Saturday, February 28, 2009

LP Pae of Wat Pikunthong

After visiting Wat Pho Kao Ton, I went to Wat Pikunthong to pay homage to LP Pae (1905-1999), arguably the most respected monk of Singburi province. He was a master of wicha who created many batches of famous amulets, especially Somdej amulets. Outside the LP Pae memorial hall are black bronze statues of the master, encased in glass.
Inside the memorial hall is a very "live" wax image of LP Pae. Behind the image is the ornate stupa containing his relics.
A portrait of LP Pae at the side.
A closer shot of LP Pae's wax statue.
LP Pae's rainbow-colored Somdej amulets chanted in 2539 (1996).
Crossing the road I approached the famous giant Buddha image of Wat Pikunthong - Phra Buddha Suwanmongkon Mahamuni.
The Sala below the Buddha image.
The Vihara on the right side LP Tuad, Somdej Toh and LP Pae.
The Somdej Toh image. The Katha taught here is again different from other temples:
Namo Tassa (3x)
Tohsentoh Waratham Mena
Tohsatthane Sire Ware
Tohsang Akasi Chantoonang
Tohlachittang Namamihang.The LP Pae image. The Homage Katha is:
Namo Tassa (3x)
Imina Sakkarena Kemankara Therang
Apibuchayami (3x).

A video of Phra Buddha Suwanmongkon that I took.
A close up shot of the golden Buddha. A long straight road leads straight towards the Buddha image. This is called "road clash" in Fengshui terms. There's also no guardian deities or Singhas to ward off the negative chi at the entrance. I wonder why they built it this way.
The Sangkachai shrine some distance away. This is the smaller image below. The Katha is:
Namo Tassa (3x)
Kajjayana Mahathero
Sapphasantha Phawathito
Sapphawera Mathikantho
Sappatha Samana Sampanno
Sitthi Buddho Sattha Wepawa
Hitaya Thanasukhang Hotu Tassa
Mahakajjayana Mahatherassa
Sapha Ja Mahalapho Ja
Upanno Hotu Sappatha.
After praying to the giant golden Sangkachai statue, I made my way back to Bangkok.


Anonymous said...

Hey ! Strange.?? You did not obtain any Bucha this time round which you usually would when visit any famous temple.Hee..hee..

Wayne said...

Sometimes I'm afraid of collecting too much..

Tan said...

Chow in Thai is either rent or hire, however, if it is added in front of the word Phra (chow Phra), then its stands for to buy a buddha image, you could refer to Thai Dictionary written by Prof Tianchai Iamworamate, so I hope you could use your blog to share with most Singaporeans who use this word wrongly quite often. Thank you

Ace said...

can you pls teach me the kartha suitable for all luangpor pae somdej pls?

Liang Zhaode said...

Can teach me lp pae image katha pls thanks.