Monday, February 23, 2009

Wat Pho Kao Ton - Temple of Heroes

One of the temples I visited in Singburi last month was Wat Pho Kao Ton (Temple of the 9 Bodhi Trees), the temple that was built in 2519 (1976) to commemorate Ajarn Thammachot and the Bang Rajan heroes.
The Sacred Pond where Ajarn Thammachot made holy water to bless the village fighters.
The pond had since became a pool of stagnant water.
This is the old Vihara where Ajarn Thammachot used to do chanting.
A tree that grew right next to the pond.
The new Vihara that venerates the statue of Ajarn Thammachot.
The signboard outside the Vihara says that the statue was forged from 1970-1972.
Inside the Vihara, the altar to the spiritual leader of Bang Rajan.
A closer view of the statue.
The Sala venerating Somdej Toh as well as LP Tuad. The King Taksin shrine. One could say that King Taksin avenged the Bang Rajan heroes as he succeeded in recapturing Ayuttaya and driving the Burmese out of Siam.
The spirit house built for the heroes. Actually it is no longer necessary as they have since been liberated from the ghost realm through HM the King's merit.
The gate of the reconstructed Camp Bang Rajan fort.
The Ubosot of Wat Pho Kao Ton.
The Sema stone laid by HRH the Crown Prince.
Roop Lor amulets of Ajarn Thammachot.
Kongkapan waist takruts from the temple.
The signboard outside the Bang Rajan monument park. The Bang Rajan monument right opposite Wat Pho Kao Ton.
The 11 leaders of the Bang Rajan resistance (excluding Ajarn Thammachot) are depicted in the monument.
Behind the monument there is a diagram stating who are the 11 heroes depicted here. Looking down from the monument, one can see Wat Pho Kao Ton in the distance. Both the temple and the park are very educational places to visit.


Anonymous said...

Interesting place. May wanna visit one day.Btw,just wondering,how many hours it takes to go from Bangkok to Singburi.??

Wayne said...

Around 2 hrs.