Thursday, February 12, 2009

Wat Phra Non in Singburi

On 6.1.2009 I visited Wat Phra Non in Singburi, a famous temple with one of the longest Reclining Buddha statues in Thailand. At 46m long, it's the same length as Phra Buddha Saiyat in Wat Pho, Bangkok.
The Guanyin Shrine. There're many Chinese Guanyin images inside.
A Phra Sangkachai statue in the walkway.
Outside the Phra Non Vihara is this Phra Sivali statue, flanked by 2 dancing Pikanets.
A picture of the Phra Non statue.
Another larger portrait of Phra Non.
A display cabinet with many golden buchas and some amulets inside.
A shot of Phra Non's head.
Another shot of his head from a different angle.
The alley behind the Phra Non statue. There were many pottery and vases on display.
Buddha images at the head end of the Vihara.
Taking my photo with Phra Non.

A video clip I took showing the full length of the statue.
The archway leading to the courtyard. There's a Phra Prom shrine in the distance.
An 8" long bucha of Phra Non that I obtained from the temple, made of roof-tile material. Phra Non is also known as Phra Buddha Saiyat of Tuesday Buddha. The Katha is as follows:
Namo tassa (3x)
Ahang Buddha Seyyang Sirasah Namami
Kahpajow Kor Nob Nob Phra Buddha Saiyat Duay Sian Glow.

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