Tuesday, February 03, 2009

The Biggest Phra Prom Shrine in the World

On 6.1.2009 one of the places I visited in Singburi is the newly built Phra Prom Shrine near Wat Ampawan, the biggest in the world. It is constructed by my master LP Jarun in order to bring great blessings to the district of Promburi, a town named after Phra Prom.
A portrait of LP and the major achievements in his life engraved in marble.
The marble tablet on the left side states that this shrine was complete on 10th Sep 2008 last year.
The large gold plated statue of Phra Prom gazing at the 4 directions. Below is a smaller one for devotees to paste gold foil.
The Katha of Phra Prom: Om Brahmane Nama Metta Karuna Mudita Upekkha. This essentially invokes the 4 immeasurable minds of Brahma.
The back view of Phra Prom.
A view of the maintenance buildings from the shrine. If the Erawan Shrine in Bangkok is the most popular Phra Prom Shrine in Thailand, then this must be the most majestic. Phra Prom devotees should definitely come here to pay homage to him.


RM1.00 said...

Thanks for sharing, mate. VERY interesting pics and write ups, indeed.
I m a strong devotee of phra phrom too. Oh yes, a bit about the katha, u have posted, how many repetition do I need to chant when I use it to pray to phra phrom? Do you have any phra phrom invocation katha that you can share?
Hope to see more of your work of masterpieces in the future.
A big Thanks!!

Wayne said...

You can chant it 9 times daily or as many times as you like until you reach "samatid".
Another medium length Phra Prom katha you can chant is found here:

RM1.00 said...

Thanks Wayne for your guidances. I have actually saw the Stan Thong's Phra phrom katha previously. Instead of reading it now as he wrote, I actually chant the pali version for my phra phrom bucha.

Thanks again..mate!

Anonymous said...

There is a more interesting Phra Prom in Pathum Thani district.

The Phra Phrom has four different face. which consists of the original face on the front,a woman face,an old man face and a man's face.

It is bigger than the one in Phrom buri.

Wayne said...

Do u have pics of the big Phra Prom in Pathum Thani? Is it the one in Wat Bang Kutithong?

Anonymous said...

anyone knows where i can buy the altar or the house in singapore...need it urgently!...thks

Anonymous said...

Saw it while on way to Wat Ampawan late last year. Only felt that it was so huge. Didn't gave much thought to it then.

Had I known it was constructed by Ajahn Jarun, I would have stopped and visit the shrine.

Trevor Wong said...

Friend where are you located? Would ask for opinion from you. I am new devotee of Phra Phrom after many unlucky problems.

I feel Phra Phrom really protecting me. But, i want to be more sure that what I do is right. Quite scarely without a guru.

Probably you can point me to the right guru.