Saturday, January 31, 2009

Wat Bot in Pathum Thani

On my way back to Bangkok from Ayuttaya, I visited Wat Bot in Pathum Thani. This is a relatively new temple famous for its giant statue of Somdej Toh reading scripture.
The Sala with a smaller statue. This is were people place their offerings to Somdej Toh. The giant statue is in the background. The Somdej Toh Katha taught here is as follows:

Namo Tassa (3x)
Itipiso Phakawa Rachatho Tao Wessuwano
Palasukhang Promarangsi Namatho Arahang
Puttatho Namo Puttaya.
Walking up to the statue, I look up in awe at one of the most venerated monks in Thai history.
A view from the right side of the statue.
Pay homage at the feet of Somdej Phra Puttajarn Toh.
The Jatukam image in the courtyard.
The Vihara to the presiding Buddha image of Wat Bot - Luang Por Leua.
This is the statue of LP Leua.
Another famous deity in Wat Bot is this standing 3-headed Phra Pikanet statue.
The main altar of the Vihara.
On the left side they have this small altar to Phra Buddha Nimit of Wat Na Phramen.
The billboard showing the Maharachachok batch of 3-headed Phra Pikanet the temple consecrated last year.
A portrait of the giant Somdej Toh statue available at the counter.
This is the 10" tall Somdej Toh bucha I obtained from the temple.
The 4" tall Phra Pikanet small bucha I took as well.


Anonymous said...

Any idea what is the district(Ampher)name.?? May like to pay a visit next time when go thailand again...

Wayne said...

Wat Bot is situated in Tambon Ban Klang on the east side of the Chao Phraya River. It can be visited by crossing Pathum Thani Bridge to the east side. Turn left at the crossroads and make a u-turn under the bridge to the temple on the opposite side of the road. Wat Bot was constructed in 1621 by the Mons who migrated from Pegu or Hongsawadi town. The name of the temple was from the village where the Mons had previously lived, similar to many other temples in Pathum Thani such as Wat Hong, Wat Bang Tanai, etc. People usually come to pay respect to the statues of three Buddha images in the ubosot and the cast statue of Luangpu Thian (Phrakhru Bowonthammakit), a senior monk who possesed high knowledge and tried to promote education among the Pathum Thani people. Moreover, there is an ancient wihan where an ancient Mon Buddha image, and Phra Saeng Ayasit – a sword of absolute power, reside, as well as many significant objects such as a four-headed elephant and a bronze miniature roofed throne to be put on top of a swan column and the lead sculpture of Ya-le (Jarlet), a dog of King Rama VI, which was granted to the abbot by the king when he visited Pathum Thani.