Thursday, January 01, 2009

Huineng's Old Residence (六祖故居)

The last destination for the day was a visit to Huineng's Old Residence in Xialu Village, also not far from the Pit Village. This was the house that Huineng and his mom Madam Li used to stay when he was young. Arriving at the house we are greeted by a chicken and the big words "Gate of the Sacred Site". The twin verses beside the gate say "One flower opens six (should be five) petals at the sacred site, 10,000 years of homage to the Triple Gems in this courtyard."
Inside is the 6th Patriarch Memorial House. Actually the original house had collapsed ages ago and only the site remained. But during the 1980s, the villagers rebuilt this house at the original site to commemorate Huineng and to let devotees venerate him.
A marble image of Maitreya sits in front of the octagonal arch leading to the inner shrine.
The Inner Shrine with an statue of Huineng. On the right of the main altar was another small altar venerating his mother and father.
Outside the Guanyin Shrine.
The Kangle Pavilion in the courtyard. The memorial house was generally quite run down and still needed a lot of renovation. There were also few visitors as not many people knew about this place. If there were patrons who wish to make merit, this is one of those places that require donations for building funds. After finishing touring the small place, I left Xialu Village and made my way back to Zhaoqing.

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