Wednesday, January 28, 2009

LP Jong of Wat Natangnok

On 5.1.2009 I visited Wat Natangnok in Ayuttaya for the first time. This is the temple of LP Jong (1872-1965 CE), one of the most famous guru monks of Ayuttaya decades ago. He was also a good friend of LP Parn of Wat Bangnomkho some distance away. LP Parn had deep respect for LP Jong and always invited him over for any chanting ceremonies. Arriving at the temple with my driver.
The Phra Prom shrine near the entrance.
The Phra Leela shrine.
The Phra Sivali shrine.
A small Vihara venerating Bodhisattva Guanyin.
The Phra Pang Tawai Net (Sunday Buddha) statue outside the Ubosot.
The big Vihara venerating LP Jong. His golden statue is right in front. The portrait of LP Jong behind his golden statue. LP Jong was not only deeply skilled in meditation and Wicha (magical arts), he was also a very compassionate and patient master. He would not only try his best to help lay devotees and other monks who seek his assistance, he could also move those wayward people to give up their unwholesome conduct through his gentle yet sharp advice. The crystal stupa containing LP Jong's relics. It is said that he had the psychic power of Iddhividha or transformation at will. Once LP Parn's disciples took a motor boat down to Wat Natangnok to invite LP Jong over to Wat Bangnomkho to take part in a chanting ceremony. LP Jong asked them to go back first and said he would join them later. So the disciples went back by boat, and to their surprise, LP Jong was already there with LP Parn waiting for them. How did he do it when the did not take the boat and there was no vehicle available? The only explanation was that he "flew" to the temple ahead of them.
A picture showing the Rians (medals) consecrated by LP Jong in that era. LP Jong was not only skilled in making holy amulets; he also skilled in making magic oil and even my Master LP Jarun came to learn the art from him in the past.
The altar on the right side of the Vihara venerating various ancient Lersi hermits.
This is the 5" bucha of LP Jong I obtained from the temple, made of bronze material and consecrated by his disciple LP Maen, the current abbot of Wat Natangnok. At the base of the bucha are 2 wealth fetching fish "Plah Tapian" created by LP Jong.

There was a new chedi with LP Jong's miraculous finger relic on display in the LP Jong Vihara when I went there in Apr 2009. Above is the framed photo of the relic.

A closed up shot of the finger relic inside the glass chedi.

A video of the small Chedi housing LP Jong's finger relic in Wat Natangnok, Ayuttaya. What is amazing about this finger is that it is undecaying and the finger nail still grows! The finger is placed inside a gold rimmed plastic casing within the Chedi. Finally meeting LP Maen in Jun 2009.


Anonymous said...

Hi Wayne, he is also one of the master of LuangPhoo Tim Wat Phrakao too.

Wayne said...

Oh tks for the tidbit of info, I didn't know that.

Anonymous said...

wow ! The 5" Bucha of LP Jong looks great with serial number 155 on the bottom level if not wrong.

Wayne said...

It's 055, hehe.