Wednesday, April 15, 2009

True Modern Karma Stories - Story 04

7. Wastage of natural resources is a great sin

A certain female reporter from a newspaper agency has heard Venerable Miaofa preaching the Dharma to devotees coming to seek treatment for their ailments and explaining their causes on many occasions. One day she asked the Master: she had gastric problems for years, and they did not seem to improve with treatment. Is it due to some misdeed she did in her previous lives?

The Master asked her, “Is it true that you hate eating bun skin, peeling and throwing them away every time you eat buns?”

The female reporter replied with surprise, “Oh Master, that’s completely true. I hate eating bun skin since young. Is that considered sinful?”

The Master smiled and said, “All those bun skin you threw away ended up in your gut. With time they became fermented, so how could it not cause pain? Know that the wastage of natural resources is a great sin. Grain and vegetables exist in this world to nourish human beings, but you wasted them because of your own dislikes. You must be aware that in the world today there are still many people who suffer from hunger daily, even starving to death. You should be ashamed of yourself. Furthermore, in many countries there are still people who survive on food scavenged from trash, and developed countries are no exception. Those people end up in that situation because they have wasted edible food in their previous lives. What you throw away in the past life, you have to pick them up to eat in the present life. So take heed!”

The female reporter asked in shame, “So what should I do, Master?”

“Repent in your heart, and from now on do not waste any more food. In this way your gastric problems will slowly be cured.”

The female reporter asked again, “Should I also perform the Precious Repentance of Emperor Liang?”

“Very well.” The Master smiled in satisfaction.


Anonymous said...


who is Venerable Miaofa?Can we meet him.


Wayne said...

You can only meet him if you have the affinity.