Monday, April 27, 2009

At the wake of LP Tim Wat Phra Kao

As we all know LP Tim passed away on 22.3.2009 at the age of 96 yrs old. I was at Wat Phra Kao on 22.4.2009 to pay my final respects to this master.

A video of the Sala housing the body of LP Tim Wat Phra Kao, who passed away a month ago in Nonthaburi. Many other devotees have came to pay their final respects to the highly respected LP Tim in Ayuttaya.


Anonymous said...

just wondering,is there anymore of his amulets for rent at the temple vicinity ??

Wayne said...

Yes, a lot.

Anonymous said...

Hi bro lots of typing error on the previous post by sorry kindly refer to the below post.

Hi Bro i just bought a cloth talisman(payan) from a guy who claim that the payan from the temple Wat PhraKaow ,and he told me this payan is one of the limited piece released by the temple as the temple only release like about 200+ pieces and all being blessed by Luang Phor Tim.The payan has only beed released recently is quite big and is full colour,i should say is very nice.Below the payan there is the temple chop and also the serial number.Is there really such a thing release by the temple?or i have been conned.kindly advice.thanks a million in advance bro.

Wayne said...

I don't see any reason for ppl to con you over a piece of phayant. Pls refrain from asking such irrelevant questions on the comment page. If u have any other further questions can call me directly at 94594897.