Friday, May 01, 2009

Wat Chedi Hoy in Pathum Thani

On 22.4.2009 I visited Wat Chedi Hoy in Pathum Thani to obtain the Pan amulets as well as meet LP Thong Gleng. When I reached there it was already in the late afternoon. Above is the yet to be completed Khmer-styled Phra Buddha Mongkon Nimit Shrine. The statue was completed when I went there in Jun 2009.
A big billboard advertising the next consecration ceremony on May 8-10.
The under construction Phra Buddha Nimit (same as the one in Wat Na Pramen, Ayuttaya) Vihara, scheduled to be completed this year.
The big Nakprok shrine. Below have the statues of Somdej Toh, Sangkachai and LP Tuad.
The Lersi shrine with some Hindu gods as well.

A video of the Chanting Hall. Look at the many statues of Buddhas, Arahants, Luang Pors, Lersis and other deitites kept in the hall.
The various Magic Batons (Mai Kom Faek) of different sizes available at the counter.
The rows of Pan amulets, both metal and powder material available. They still have quite a lot of stock.
The Pan amulets in plastic packing, which are the same as those in boxes. The price is clearly stated there.
The last set of 4 Pan amulets at the counter. None left in the temple.
One of the three oyster shell chedi in the temple. This one is the smallest.
This is the medium-sized one near the entrance.

A video of the biggest oyster shell chedi at the temple. The 100-yr old plough metal used to make the Pan.
More of the plough metal, which is consecrated by LP Thong Gleng.
LP blessing the stuff I obtained from the temple for me.
Receiving the stuff from him after the blessing is completed.
Some of the Pan amulets I brought back, which were sold out within 3 days.
The small 6.25" long Magic Baton I got, which was also sold. I have the big one for my own personal use.


Anonymous said...

Is the temple near to Wat Bot ??

Wayne said...

Yes not far from Wat Bot.

Anonymous said...

The Magic Baton is good for ??

Wayne said...

Hitting evil spirits, wealth attraction. It's the baton of Tao Wessuwan.

David said...

thanks for the pics

Do you know a wingchun school in chong qing?

if you do, can yu write to me at