Friday, May 22, 2009

LP Tah Wat Paniangdaek

Wat Paniangdaek in Nakhon Pathom is the famous temple of LP Tah (seen above), the greatest old-time guru monk of the province. He passed away 87 yrs ago in 2465 BE (1922 CE) and was also the first master of LP Tae Wat Sam Ngam (2434-2524 BE), the creator of the original Kumanthongs. LP Tah was the one who imparted to LP Tae all his knowledge of the Dhamma as well as meditation.
Arriving at the temple, located not far from the highway.
The outer shrine with a standing image of LP Tah as well as various Buddha statues.
The Katha to pray for LP Tah's help.
The LP Tah Vihara.
The gold foil covered statue of LP Tah.
Behind LP Tah is the big Buddha image of "Maha Mongkon Nimit".
Another glass shrine with the wax statue of LP Tah inside. In front is a standing Kumanthong statue like those of Wat Sam Ngam. Incidentally, Wat Paniangdaek does not make KMTs.
A display cabinet with the earliest amulets of LP Tah, consecrated by him in 2450 and 2455 BE.
The later batches of amulets consecrated in 2482 and 2502 BE.
An old 5" bucha of LP Tah, as well as Takruts and Pidtas consecrated by him.
The temple shop.
An altar with various Lersi and Deity Masks.

A video I took of the temple's courtyard. Interestingly there are many animal sculptures here, like a zoo.
One of the 2 elephant guardians of the temple, Plai Chaiyo.
The Ubosot.
The Vihara of LP Prayong, another disciple of LP Tah.
The 5" Phra Sangkachai bucha I obtained from the temple.

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