Saturday, May 09, 2009

LP Sawai Wat Preedaram

On 21.4.2009 I visited Wat Preedaram for the first time. This is the temple of the late LP Sawai (1921-2000 CE), master of Metta magic. The temple is located very far from the highway, deep in the rural parts of Nakhon Pathom. Above is the LP Sawai Vihara with his statue and undecaying body behind. The temple counter is also in this Vihara.
A closer shot of LP Sawai's body, which is covered with gold foil.
Another angle. On closer look, LP Sawai's flesh and his facial features still appear to be intact.
Outside the Vihara is this big white Buddha statue in the posture of preaching.

A video I took of the White Buddha statue and the surroundings.
The Phra Sivali shrine.
The Ubosot.
The golden Luang Por Ban Laem (Wednesday AM Buddha) statue at the back of the Ubosot.
The Phra Ruang (Monday Buddha) and LP Sawai statues at the front.
Inside the Ubosot. The Sangha was doing their evening chanting at that time.
The elegant crematorium.
The Kuti building of the monks.
Above the LP Sawai Vihara we can see an image of LP riding on a rooster - his zodiac animal. Both LP Sawai and LP Mee passed away in the same year, but Wat Preedaram is obviously in a much better state than Wat Manwichai. After chowing some of LP Sawai's remaining amulets, we proceeded back to Bangkok.

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