Wednesday, May 06, 2009

LP Mee Wat Manwichai

On 22.4.2009 I went to visit Wat Manwichai in Ayuttaya. This is the temple of LP Mee, a disciple of LP Jong Wat Natangnok. He was famous for a time, but since he passed away, very few people visit this temple anymore. It is also located quite far from the town, deep in the rural parts of Ayuttaya.
One of the temple entrances. The temple was generally quite run down and had not been renovated for years.
The temple counter. There were some interesting stuff, but unfortunately the Abbot was not around and he was the only person with all the keys. Reminded me of the time I was in Wat Mai Naparam. It's not a good practice for a monks to keep the keys to the shop as it denies visitors a chance to tamboon the temple when the monks went out.
The Sangkachai shrine.
The Ubosot.
The crematorium.

A video of the temple courtyard that I took before leaving.
Managed to chow this LP Mee 5" bucha when I went there again in Jun 2009.

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