Tuesday, June 30, 2009

LP Dun of Wat Buraparam

Wat Buraparam lies in Surin town. This old temple is famous for 2 things - its sacred Buddha image Luang Por Phra Chi and the master who used to teach here. This master was none other than LP Dun, a famous disciple of LP Mun. LP Dun passed away in 1983 at the age of 96. LP's last words to his disciples before he entered Parinibbana were:

"The Lord Buddha didn't attain nibbana in any of his jhanic attainments. When he left the fourth jhana, his mental aggregates all ceased at once, with nothing remaining. In other words, he allowed his feeling aggregate to cease in an awake state of mind, the normal human mental series, complete with mindfulness and alertness, with no other mental states coming to blind or delude the mind at all. This was the mind fully in its own state. You could call that state great emptiness, or the original cosmos, or nibbana, whichever you like. That's the state I've been practicing all along to reach."
The Ubosot of Wat Buraparam.
Inside the Ubosot, the monks were doing their morning chanting.
A crystal chedi containing the relics of the Buddha.
A statue of LP Dun inside the LP Dun Vihara.
Sacred relics of LP Dun.
LP Dun's photo portrait.
The LP Phra Chi Vihara.
Inside the Vihara.
A shrine to LP Sila Mongkon, a Monday Buddha image.
A parting shot of the temple gate.


I swear said...

Maha SADHU to LP Dun's last words. I didn't realise that until I read his last words.

Sadhu to Wayne for posting LP Dun's last words.

Piak said...

Sahhhh..dhu! It seems to me LP Dun have attained a very blessed state. Thanks for sharing, Wayne :)

Wayne said...

Indeed, LP Dun has entered the gates of the deathless.