Sunday, July 05, 2009

LP Kee of Wat Silamyong

LP Kee of Wat Silamyong, Surin is another one of the fellow disciples of LP Hong in Khmer magical arts. He is 81 this year. He along with LP Hong and LP Rit used to form a holy trinity in this region, but of course LP Rit left first. Above we see the beautiful Ubosot with a Prang chedi on top.
The altar inside the amulet shop.
Lots of buchas and amulets here. Most are images of Hindu or Brahministic deities.
When I took this photo with LP Kee, he was busy drawing Phayants by himself.
The Phra Gaew Shrine outside LP Kee's kuti. Not suprisingly, the shrine was sponsored by overseas Chinese donors from New York!
LP paying homage to the Phra Gaew before blessing the sacred objects for us.
Bro Hong and me have another photo taken with LP before we left.
The Phra Trimurati (Holy Trinity) bucha I chowed from the temple.
The Phra Mae Thoranee (Earth Goddess) bucha.

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