Wednesday, July 08, 2009

LP Hong of Wat Petburi

LP Hong is perhaps the most famous and powerful guru monk in Surin. His fame spreads to as far as Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong, with thousands of devotees. A master of Khmer magical arts, his life is full of legendary stories, as written before in various amulet magazines. However at the very old age of 93, his health has been getting weaker and weaker. Above we see the Phra Prom Gate of the Promakun Sala.
The Rahu shrine.
The Kuan Yin Bodhisattva shrine.
The 2 bulls outside the Promakun Sala.
LP posing with a young boy for the devotees.

A video of the interior of the Sala and LP having his meal. An Angmoh guy and his Thai wife have also come to pay homage to LP. Later a group from Malaysia also came.
The Phra Mae Thoranee statue outside the Sala.
The golden LP Tuad shrine.
The Khmer-styled stone Nakprok shrine.
One of the altars in the Wat Petburi Sala, which was some distance away from the Promakun Sala.
Another altar.
A large photo portrait of LP Hong.
The interior of the Wat Petburi Sala.
A parting shot with the Lersi statue under a tree.
One of the LP Hong 6" Mit Mors (magic knife) I obtained at Wat Petburi.


Anonymous said...

May I know what the use of the knife is?

Wayne said...

You can refer to this article:
to learn abt the usage of this kind of knife.

Anonymous said...

how did u bring the it back?..curious cause im also interested to go to thailand and get it as well

Wayne said...

Just put it in your check in luggage.

Neha said...

Vicinity beatitude is wonderous,i dream to visit the place myself in future & the site to revise too.

Anonymous said...

Hi wayne,

How long is the journey from bangkok to Wat petburi? Can take a cab?

Does Lp Hong temple have any Phra narai statue that we can bring back?


Wayne said...

From BKK to Wat Petburi in Surin takes 8 hrs. No cab would go there. U got to hire a driver for 2 days. 1 day to go there and 1 day to come back. I remember seeing Phra Prom statue, but not Phra Narai.