Sunday, December 13, 2009

Wat Kren Kathin & Wat Tha Klong

Wat Kren Kathin and Wat Tha Klong in Lopburi province are headed by LP Pian, a well-known guru monk for consecrating Mit Mor (magic knifes). Above we see the main chedi building at Wat Kren Kathin. However there are no relics enshrined inside it yet.
The Ubosot.
LP Pian and Buddha shrine.
Inside the Vihara is a small glass chedi contaning the Buddha's relics.
A display cabinet showing the popular batches of amulets and buchas made by the temple.
Taking a photo with LP Pian after receiving a blessing from him.
Outside at the temple park, most of the buildings are still not completed yet.
One of the completed Sala.
The large Pang Tawai Net (Sunday) statue still under works.
9" Mit Mor obtained from Wat Kren Kathin.
The amulet counter at Wat Tha Klong.
The altar inside the hall.
The long Leknami sword (24"). It was very beautiful and attractive, but I did not chow for fear of not being able to bring it back to Singapore.
The 10" Leknampi Phra Kan I chowed at Wat Tha Klong instead.
Everyone posing with the Mit Mors at Wat Tha Klong on my 2nd visit there.


Anonymous said...

Weht thru your blog but sadly didn't find any info on the famous Loong Phor Khun. I am surprise that his temple was covered with so many others, probably you may not have the chance to visit there yet.

Wayne said...

I respect LP Koon but I'm not really a fan of his amulets. So I've not been to Korat or Wat Banrai yet.

leezhuyuan said...

such a nice blog wayne