Saturday, December 05, 2009

Tiger Woods and his Women

The Dhammapada says:

"For a person forced on by his thoughts,
Fierce in his passion and focused on beauty,
Craving grows all the more.
He's the one who tightens the bond (of suffering)."
All the beings in this world are driven by their own lust and craving towards suffering, for they are ignorant of the consequences of unrestrained desire. This is the Prison of Lust, and even people with very good karma cannot escape from it. The latest celebrity to fall into this self-created prison is Tiger Woods, our world famous golf player. Obviously Woods is one who has it all - wealth, fame, respect and a beautiful wife. But like most men, he can't resist other beautiful women, who would gladly sleep with him for who he is. So eventually his wife found out and gave him hell, causing Woods to crash his car trying to escape from her. Now, Woods have to cough out millions of dollars to pacify his wife and beg her not to divorce him; millions more to prevent his other lovers from doing a "kiss and tell" to the media. Shame, injury, loss of wealth, stress and frustration - these are the karmic fruits of his Kamesu Miccacara (sexual misconduct).
Seeing the suffering that such deeds lead to, the wise applies mindfulness to lust arising in the mind, and does not let it go out of control. I hope that Woods will learn his lesson from this shameful episode.


Darren_86 said...

Hie Wayne,

Good article there, on the effect of sexual misconduct, that we can see practically here.

Just a suggestion, would you give an investigation into Palden Dorje (aka Nepal Buddha Boy). He might be considered as a fake earlier on, but his speech, speaks its own words.

I mean, we dont want to miss another coming of a Boddhisatva. /1\

Anonymous said...

Well said, karma follows one like own shadow.

The more days I spent on earth, the more I see the truth of karma.