Monday, November 16, 2009

Wat Salapoon in Ayuttaya

Wat Salapoon in Ayuttaya is the temple of LP Sawat, a respected master in the town district. He recently consecrated a batch of Phra Sangkachai, Sivali and Phaya Krut amulets.
The Phra Sangkachai shrine, with LP Tuad, Sivali and Somdej Toh at the side.
Outside the Ubosot.
Inside golden Buddha statues inside the Ubosot.
A closer look at the Buddhas.
The golden Chedi behind the Ubosot.
The amulet counter. At the right side we can see the new Phra Sivali buchas.
LP Sawat's kuti. He was not around at that time.

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