Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Wat Nongbua in Chainat

Wat Nongbua in Chainat province is the temple of LP Na, one of the grand disciples of the great guru LP Suk of Wat Makhamtao. Above we see the temple gate.
Inside this Vihara we can see the standing statues of LP Suk, his best disciple Prince Chumpon as well as LP Na.
Ruins of an old chedi.
Outside the Vihara.
A big statue of Phra Pang Palelai.
A modern-styled great Chedi building.
The Ubosot.
The Sala. A meeting was going on.
The amulet counter inside LP Na's Kuti.
The altar inside the Kuti. The Luang Pee there gave me and my friend 1 holy relic of Phra Sivali each from this altar.
A strange encased elephant trunk with many Yants placed beside the altar.
LP Na was not around, but we saw his photo portrait.
A 5" Phra Phaisachyakuru Puttajao (Medicine Buddha) bucha that I obtained at the temple. It was the last one left.


Welles Tan said...

Interesting blogging!

Ronald said...

Is this LP Na of Wat Nongbua a direct disciple of LP Suk of Wat Makamtao? Thks!

Wayne said...

Not direct. He was still quite young when LP Suk passed away in 1934.