Saturday, July 31, 2010

LP Roon of Wat Jam Pathong

Portrait of the late LP Roon.
I've heard that LP Roon of Wat Jam Pathong, Singburi has passed away this year, so I went to his temple and checked when did this happen and see whether there was anything of interest left there.
The large Somdej Toh statue in the main Sala. On checking with the monks there, they told me LP had passed away in Jan this year at the age of 79 (he was borned in 1931). There were also not much left at the temple counter other than some Somdej amulets, chains and takruts.
The Ubosot. LP Roon is the disciple of LP Niam, LP Boy as well as LP Pae. He was a master of Wicha who was best known overseas for the batch of 9-face Lersi and Hindu god amulets consecrated last year. There were also special Somdej and Sivali amulets that were well received by overseas collectors.
The LP Boon Leua statue in front of the Ubosot.
A small shrine at the side with images of LP Roon's masters.
An old Chedi.
A large Reclining Buddha or Phra Non statue.
An old barge that was once used by HM the King.
LP Roon's 9-face Lersi bucha that I found near Pantip.
Lersi head chains that I cleaned out from the temple counter.

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