Thursday, July 01, 2010

LP Tuad Consecration Ceremony at Wat Koksaman

Wat Koksaman in Hatyai held a consecration ceremony for a new batch of jade LP Tuad amulets on 25 to 26/6/2010.
The moulds containing the amulets.
Putting out for cooling.
The monks in the tent.
A shot with the LP Tuad statue.
The Ubosot in the background.

1st day of the Consecration event on 25/6/2010.

Video of the big LP Tuad statue on 25/6/2010. I thought the original plan was to build a statue plated with black gemstone.. but perhaps they ran out of funds.


travis said...

Bro Wayne,
You seem very well travelled in Thailand. How do you find out which temples have consecration ceremonies and when are they held? Any advice on which wat and LP is very good at, and willing to conduct luck-changing rituals?

travis said...

Bro Wayne,
Will you announce when you will go for another ceremony in Thailand so we can join along?

Anonymous said...


Only you can help yourself. Make merit e.g. meditate, do charity, good conduct, chant and etc. Your luck will change for the better.

The greatest merit is to do vippasana meditation.