Sunday, January 23, 2011

LP Boon Ler of Wat Kam Yard

LP Boon Ler of Wat Kam Yard in Ang Thong is a well-known Bodhisatta monk and a great healer cultivating the 10 Paramis. However when I went there LP was away in Bangkok.
The old Ubosot of the temple, where takruts mystically "flew" down from the roof top after one of the male devotees made a wish to see the power of the Buddha statue inside.
The LP Tuad and Somdej Toh shrine beside the old Ubosot.
The "flying takrut", which lay women at the temple said had powerful protective powers - one of them had a son who wore it and met a serious traffic accident where the car was completely wrecked, but the guy was miraculously unharmed.
An old tree in the middle of the courtyard.
The bell tower.
Statue of King Thaksin riding his horse into battle. This temple had some historical link to the great king.
The Chedi where mystical Biagae with healing and poison absorbing qualities were excavated.
The Sala of the Reclining Buddha.
Stairs leading up to the Chedi.
The Monday Buddha (Pang Ham Samut) statue inside the Chedi.
Signboard mentioning about the consecration of a new batch of King Thaksin amulets.


sonofagan said...

In case you missed my 1st message.

Can you share LP Boonler's temple address please?


Wayne Woo said...

Tambon Kamyard, Amper Pothong, Jangwat Angthong.