Monday, January 03, 2011

Visit to Wat Panom Yong

Wat Panom Yong in Ayuttaya is the temple of LP Jamlong, the famous wicha master. He is not the same as LP Chamlong of Wat Chedi Daeng, as some might get confused. Above is the temple gate.
The yet to be completed Phra Rahu Shrine.
A cute pony beside the shrine. It is quite tame.
A big poster indicating the number of masters who will come to consecrate the Rahu shrine.
The Chuchok shrine. LP Jamlong is an expert in the Chuchok spell.
The temple counter.
The Ubosot.
Outer gate of the Ubosot.
The altar to the presiding Buddha image of the temple.
Having a shot taken with LP Jamlong, who kindly explained to me how to use some of his amulets.
The "Takrut Kor Mah" (Dog Neck Charms) or Maha Amnaj Takruts that I chowed from the temple.
The famous Luang Por Chao Noi Buddha Shrine outside the temple.
Katha to worship Luang Por Chao Noi.
LP blessing the bag of Phakod that I have chowed.
The Phakod Peun Kram Bon Yan.


Anonymous said...

May I ask, what is a Chuchok and why do Buddhist monks worship him?

Wayne Woo said...

Chuchok is a "beggar king" deity that originated from the Vessantara Jataka. U can refer to for the legend. Monks don't worship him per se; worldly deities are more for lay people to worship instead.

Ah Xiong said...

Hi do you have LP Jamlong Rian? Thanks.